Eureka comes in three different versions

    * Eureka! PE

    * Eureka! Professional

    * Eureka! Enterprise

Eureka! PE or Personal Edition as it is also known is for the end users who wants an easy to use file categorization and management utility

Eureka! Professional is for the business user who has large quantities of files that they need to organize websites that they need to track.

Eureka! Enterprise is for the corporate user who has a large number of users tracking files.  This version not only implements the best features of Eureka! but also allows for external use of the databases involved in the system

Currently, only the Personal Edition of the program is available for download.  We are currently working on the other version and expect to release these other versions within the year.

Current Eureka! Version

As of May 28, 2008, the current version for Eureka! Personal Edition is 1.3.1.

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