Lemonade was a game that many of us played as school children.  Many companies produced versions of the program, including the now famous Minnesota Educational COmputing Consortium (MECC) and Apple.

Codenautics produced an open source version of the program back in 2006 on one of my favorite programming platforms, RealBasic.   This open source program has now been updated for the latest version of RealBasic, maintaining the original's attitude towards the history of the program, now including multi-player scorekeeping on the display.  

This version of the program is not only fun but is a lot quicker to play than the original Apple II version, and it is available for the MAc, Windows, and Linux.  This program is freeware and is open source.

We have also included the original Apple II version of the program in Disk emulator format so that you can download and play the original should you choose to do so.

The source for the program is also available.  The source file is in RealBasic 2009 R5.1 and will not compile on earlier versions.  For questions about the program, use the Contact form to email us.

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