About Eureka!

 What is Eureka!

Eureka! is a search utility which allows the user to easily add files to categories and use the categories for a dynamic, powerful search.  Not only is the Paperless office no longer just a dream, it is here and now with Eureka! Personal Edition.  The program allows easy launching of files and URL's found in searches, no matter where they are.  The program allows the database to be used both internally and externally with other SQL based programs.

What does Eureka! do for me?

Eureka allows you to classify your files according to categories you assign rather than ones the system assigns. This means that 100 files could be in 100 different directories but in Eureka, they are all in the same category. This allows fast and easy searching according to meta-data keywords you already know.  Location of the files is not important to the program.  It will classify them no matter where they are located.

Why Should I use Eureka!?

Whether you are the Lawyer with hundreds of cases and documents related to those cases or the photographer with ten years worth of photos, you will find that Eureka! allows you to control your files without affecting how your files are stored. Add and Delete files without actually removing them from the system. Re-use the database with other applications with ease.

What does it cost?

The demo version of Eureka! is a 30-day time limited version of the software. The unlimited version is $24.95 and can be purchased by Credit Card or PayPal through our link to Kagi.

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