Eureka! FAQ

We have put together a number of questions asked by our customers and the answers to those questions.  This should answer questions concerning our product but should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us using the form in the right hand column of this page.

What is EurekaPE?

Eureka! Personal Edition or EurekaPE as it is known is a file classifications package which allows you to attach meta-data words to your files through the Eureka! database.

How will this help Me?

This program allows you to classify all your files together no matter what location they are in.  It gives you an easy methodology of finding the files quickly and locating the physical location as well as the path location of the file.

Isnt this a pain?

This is a very easy to use program which allows you to drag and drop the names of the files into the database, one at a time or several at a time.  This makes classifying large numbers of files pain free.

How do I register

There is a menu item within the program as well as in the startup about screen which allows you to go directly to the registration process.

Who handles the registrations

All IJW Soft Registrations are handled automatically through the built in registration process within the software as well as through the KAGI web site.  All key codes and issuance of the key codes is automatic through KAGI and your email.

How Much Does It Cost

Eureka! Personal Edition is $24.95 and can be purchased through the demo package once it is installed on your machine.

What are the System Requirements

The following system requirements are specified for the proper operation of Eureka! Personal Edition:

Windows 2000, XP, and Vista (Any version)

Mac OS Classic (OS 9.x)

Mac OS X 10.2.8 or better

Linux (This package should work on any of the current flavors of linux)

Eureka! Doesnt Work On my Machine

If this happens, please let us know immediately so that we can resolve the issue.  The things we will need to know is what machine, operating system version and what version of Eureka! Personal Edition you are using.

What about upgrades?

All upgrades for minor versions of the program will be free to our users.  If you have a previously purchased package, please simply download the current version and install it.  Your package will automatically register the latest version.

What is the latest Version

The latest version of Eureka! Personal Edition is version 1.3.1.  If you do not have this version, you should go to the download page as this version fixes several issues not covered by previous versions.

When is the next version coming?

We periodically release updates when we feel that there are enough changes to warrant the new release.  This could be anytime that we feel that an update is necessary to the performance of the program.

My machine died and I lost my Key

If you have this happen, use the form on the contact page and let us know.  We will send you the key again.

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